Mighty Jaxx - Inked Stories: Medusa (Mono Edition) by JPK

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The Greek tales of old chronicle Medusa as a monstrous beast, hair of snakes. Yet, some recounts describe her as an alluring beauty. Her enigmatic nature continues with a name which means “guardian”, but a reputation that’s quite the opposite, striking fear into even the bravest of heroes.

With a gaze that can petrify any living creature that falls prey, it’s no surprise that her physical appearance remains contentious. The mysterious Gorgon comes to life in this collaborative piece by JPK and Mighty Jaxx.

The figurine sees a two-pronged approach to reimagination: Mighty Jaxx designs and sculpts the figure, ensuring that details like her hair of snakes are carefully crafted.

On the other hand, JPK works his magic, retelling her story and common references throughout history through her tattoos. Key figures like Poseidon and Perseus feature prominently, while common depictions in artifacts can be found throughout her body.