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The second DREAMING STYLE for Ritsuka Saeki in her summer clothes, Knight of Iris, is joining the lineup!

In contrast to Noble Rose, her uniform features a bright blue.
In her hands are… bamboo and wooden swords!
What is she protecting?

*This item is exclusive to certain overseas events and select retailers.

▼Product Highlights!
[Color-Coordinated Accessories]
Her sword case is navy to match her uniform, making the perfect look!
Her backpack is the same green as her standard uniform but it makes for a nice accent this time.
*The swords are the same colors as the M.S.G series.

[Pre-Painted / Unpainted Face Parts]
Four different face parts are included. Swap them out based on the pose or situation to show Ritsuka’s enthusiasm!
Users can also customize her expressions using the unpainted face parts and decals included in the kit!
Parts that may be tricky to paint such as the white lines on her skirt or the gold buttons around her waist come pre-painted.

The kit includes unpainted face parts and decals for painting.
Combine the decals facing forward, right, and left, each in four different expressions, to create all kinds of expressions!

[Three Hairstyles]
Swap between three hairstyles, a ponytail (standard), braids, or long hair style!
Each of them have matching bangs for further customization. Try different combinations to customize Ritsuka’s look!

[Three Skirt Parts]
Use the different shaped skirt parts to display Ritsuka beautifully like a figure in a fixed pose.
In addition to the standard type for standing poses, a fluttering type for dynamic poses and a sitting type for displaying her on objects like a chair are included. Swap them out to display Ritsuka in various settings.
*Use the special thigh parts with the sitting type skirt.

The diameter of the neck ball joint is 5mm. The head can be exchanged with characters from Frame Arms Girl or ARCANADEA, sold separately.
The kit also includes a 6mm diameter neck part for compatibility with characters from Megami Device, sold separately.
*Please note there are some limitations due to head shapes and not all parts can be used.

▼Included Items
Ritsuka Saeki x1
Hairstyle Parts: Ponytail, Long Hair, Braided x1 Each
Bangs Parts x3
Braided Hair Parts for Action Poses x1 Set
Face Parts (Pre-Painted): Laughing, Winking, Angry, and Scheming x1 Each
Face Parts (Unpainted): Laughing, Winking, Angry, and Scheming x1 Each
Skirt Parts: Standard Type, Fluttering Type, and Sitting Type x1 Each
*Use the special thigh parts with the sitting type skirt.
Seven Types of Hand Parts: Holding (Standard), Holding (Narrow), Holding (Wide), Holding (Round), Closed, Pointing, and Open x Left and Right Each
Bamboo Sword, Wooden Sword, and Case x1 Set
Smartphone x1 Set
Backpack x1 Set
Display Base x1 Set
6mm Diameter Neck Part x1 Set
Decals x1 Sheet