KOTOBUKIYA - HEXA GEAR - Blockbuster VF Ver.

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A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! Kotobukiya’s innovative Hexa Gear series continues to revolutionize the way you put together and display futuristic warriors and their gear with transforming vehicles and robot animals alongside armored “Governors,” and their highly customizable hexagonal port joints let you build and display these models in any way you can imagine. Next up is the long-range, accurate firepower of BLOCKBUSTER VF VER.! Although Blockbuster is often considered to be one of the more “outdated” third generation Hexa Gear models, its combat performance rivals that of any newer model. Its simple construction and high level of customizability makes it the ideal addition to the Valiant Force’s extensive arsenal, and the units are often modified after they have been stolen from the Liberty Alliance. The Blockbuster’s main weapon is a sniper cannon that can take down enemy targets from extremely long distances, but in order to perform high precision attacks the machine must be grounded, making it difficult to mobilize at shorter distances. In order to compensate for this shortcoming, Blockbuster is equipped with multi-missile launchers in order to increase its firepower. This modified version is referred to as a late-stage model, and is often used by the Valiant Force in a similar fashion as the Hexa Gear Motor Punisher. The Blockbuster is essentially a reinforced cockpit on articulated legs, with the massive underslung sniper cannon and multiple missile launchers arrayed around the canopy. Naturally the Hexa Gear can mount a Governor pilot, and thanks to the hexagram system of 3mm and 5mm joints you can assemble and equip the model as you like. Sculpted by Yuichi Kuwamura and MARUYA, the Blockbuster VF Ver. stands almost 11 ½ inches tall (1/24 scale) fully assembled and is comprised of approximately 360 pieces. Combine parts from multiple kits in your Hexa Gear collection to build your own customized robots!