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[Explanation of aircraft] - Avis Crawler is the third generation Hexagia developed at the Liberty Alliance. - It was developed with the aim of searching and controlling obstructed terrain such as underdrain. - Unlike other third generations, it has two types of zotex mode, which is characteristic of Zoatex being expressed all the time. - Battle of the war, the city center of each region received a raid by unmanned Hexagia called a Hydostorm. - Subsequent investigations reconfirmed the fact that there are many other underground gigantic plumbing and facilities in the former era that were used as invasion routes at the time of the attack, and urgently clarified the full scope of these at the Liberty Alliance as soon as possible . - As a result, geographical information beyond the outline of the underground structure has been almost lost, and already it was an enemy land where MSG Valiant Force's Hexagia and droids wandered. - Especially the threat of Hyde Storm which is good at electronic warfare, including the VIC blade, was large, threatening the cooperation of the Liberty Alliance from the ground when revealing communication lines, repeaters, and transmission lines connecting the cities. - The Liberty Alliance acknowledged the necessity to sweep out this contaminated basement and prepared forces exclusive units and Hexagia to take duties. - In development, we collect the destroyed remains of Hydstorm and redesign its frame structure and use it. - However, the VIC blade has no prospect of reproducing the phenomenon, controlling and invalidating it, and remains only the second best countermeasure. - It is the invasion counter shield known by [ICS] equipped in the left arm weapon. - Because of the chronic parts shortage, the Aircraft was first produced with only a few, and the team was organized and sent to the underground darkness. - There were countless number of heavily polluted zones (Level 6 `Abyss``) due to the operation of the crystal furnace in the basement, not the ratio of the surface polluted area. - The Abyss crawler crawled around sludge and dust, sometimes engaged with HydeStorm, sometimes with a small droid, repeating battle unnoticed. [Mounted Weapon] · ICS (Invasion Counter Shield) · Vitting Scissors · Flame thrower · Blast recon, Head anchor [Product specification] - System conversion from [first form] which emphasized fighting fighting to [second form] emphasizing mobility is possible. - ICS equipped in the left arm biting scissors can be reproduced at the time of use by the generator being deployed and installing the effect parts. - ICS effect parts can be displayed with realistic feeling by molding in clear orange. - You can reproduce the fighting wartime by opening and closing the Vitting Scissors of the left arm. - The second head [head anchor] can enjoy various situations by using the supplied parts for reproduction and the lead wires - The skid unit at the tip of the leg can open and close the roll bar. - You can play with an optional governor on board the cockpit. [accessories] · Parts for reproduction at the time of head anchor injection × 1 · Lead wire × 1 · Vitting Scissors ICS generator part for right arm placement × 1 * By using two sets of goods, you can use the biting scissors symmetrically. · Archive card × 1