GMADE - RC PARTS AND ACCESSORIES - GM70001 - Bighorn Rock Crawling Tires (2)

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Main Feature:
  Gmade Bighorn tires are high grip tires designed for various rock crawlers & trucks.
  These tires are made of super soft compounds for good grip over all kind of terrain.
  Large, deep lugs provide exceptional traction in rock, mud, and dirt.
  Gmade Bighorn tires are arguably the best rock-crawling tires available.
  Fits Gmade GT 2.2" beadlock wheels series and 2.2 inch size wheels.
  Sold in pairs.
  Inner foams are included.

What's included:
  Gmade Bighorn Rock Crawling Tires x 2
  Inner foams x 2

  Tire Height: 136mm(5.3")
  Tire Width: 59mm(2.3")
  Inner Diameter: 56mm(2.2")