GMADE - RC PARTS AND ACCESSORIES - GM51107S - Low CG Battery & Servo Plate for R1 Axle

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Main features:
  This product allow Gmade R1 to put the weight of the servo and battery over the front axle for better rock crawling performance
  Lowers the overall center of gravity
  Exceptional quality and silver anodizing finish
  It allows you to mount a small LiPo pack or custom configured battery pack over the front axle
  Easy Installation
  Fits Gmade R1 Axles

What's included:
  Servo plate x 1
  Battery plate x 1
  Aluminum servo mount x 2
  Aluminum spacer x 4
  Installation Screws & Nuts

Note: You can buy two to install in the front and rear axle.

Required: Gmade R1 axle