GMADE - RC PARTS AND ACCESSORIES - GM20802 Gmade TS01 Scale Shock Silver 90mm (4)

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Gmade TS01 Scale Shock Silver 90mm (4) (with Internal Soft & Hard Springs)


Main Feature:
  CNC machined Aluminum shock bodies and Delrin pistons
  Red anodized shock bodies
  Upper and lower shock ends includes blue anodized aluminum balls
  Internal soft and hard type springs
  4.5mm thick shock shafts
  Shock boots protect exposed shock shafts
  Easy load shock seal assembly
  Fits Gmade R1 rock buggy, 1/10 scale crawlers & trucks (such as Axial SCX-10, Tamiya High-Lift)

What's included:
  Red anodized aluminum shock bodies x 4
  Soft and Hard type springs x 8
  Shock Boots x 4
  Shock absorber silicone O-ring x 8
  All necessary hardware to finish the shocks
  Shock Grease

  Length: 90mm (Mounting hole to hole)
  Full Shaft Travel Range: 20mm 
  Shock Body Diameter: 11mm
  Shaft Diameter: 4.5mm