GMADE JUNFAC - RC PARTS AND ACCESSORIES - J90024 - Hardened Universal Shaft for Tamiya Tundra

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Main Features:

  • Light weight and CNC Machined from solid billet carbon steel
  • Black finish
  • Heat treatment
  • Super smooth operation
  • Front Shaft travel: 82-117mm (35mm total travel)
  • Rear Shaft travel: 95-130mm (35mm total travel)
  • Laser engraved for authenticity
  • Made to fit 5mm output shaft
  • Fits Tamiya Tundra High-Lift and custom truck (5mm output shaft)

What's included:

  • JunFac Carbon Steel Universal Shaft (82-117mm) 5mm hole (for front axle) x 1
  • JunFac Carbon Steel Universal Shaft (95-130mm) 5mm hole (for rear axle) x 1
  • Joint Grease x 1
  • Spare U-Joint Coupler x 2
  • Instruction