FUTABA - RC PARTS AND ACCESSORIES - MC330CR ESC w/Reverse 13+T Speed Control

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INCLUDES: One MC330CR Electronic Speed Control w/ Reverse and Brake/ Futaba J
receiver connector, Standard battery connector, ON/OFF Switch.
One Plastic Adjustment Screwdriver

REQUIRES: Futaba J compatible receiver
Male bullet connectors for motor (GPMM3114)

SPECS: Capacity: 6 to 7 cell batteries
Motor Limit: 13+ turns
Current- Forward: 200A Reverse: 100A
On-resistance: .010 Ohms
High Frequency: Yes, 1,500Hz
Connectors: Futaba J, Standard for battery, Bullet Motor
(all pre-installed)
Bullet Motor Wire: 14 gauge
BEC: Yes
Length: 1.07"
Width: .50"
Height: 1.31"
Weight: 1.59oz