KOTOBUKIYA - FRAME ARMS - S03 - FA093 - RRF-9/A Revenant Eye Aegir - 1/100 - RE

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- Armed reconnaissance type FA, Wings eye. - The Kotobukiyaorijinarupurakitto Furemuamuzu, armed reconnaissance-type [i Wings] appeared. Amapatsu TYPE001 Furemuakitekuto core is to equip each new shape completely. - A new type [type reconnaissance] Wings of the Eye, and many Sutirettoshirizu lightning and other types of Hana Todoroki Includes parts. Common Series [gimmick modified] wide spread dramatically. - Dome-shaped parts can be swapped in as a head back. - The exterior of the connection hole so common diameter 3mm, combined, beginning with the various series can be equipped with Ueponyunitto MSG. Since each part can be further modified, it can easily make various styles of robots humanoid agnostic. Please enjoy the new world of your own Furemuamuzu means. - The set Furemuakitekuto TYPE001 Head Exterior Parts: Eye Skull, Rotodomu Chest exterior parts: 3D ・ Holo projector abdominal exterior parts: the exterior parts escapes grenade arm: the exterior parts laser leg Multiplier: Eye sensor sub-Armed Roller Blade: Guns Freestyle