Kotobukiya - Sousaishojotein - Ritsuka Saeki (Swim Style)

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Madoka! Koyomi! Wait for me! Now the three of us are together!

The ever-popular idol of St. Iris Gakuen Girls’ High School, Ritsuka Saeki with both great looks and personality, is now available in a gorgeous Swim Style version.
Her blue bikini paired with a beautiful transparent pareo gives her a mature look like a model at a photoshoot. Remove her pareo to display her in a variety of bold, dynamic leg poses.

Product Highlights!

[Removable Pareo]
The pareo is made with semi-transparent (blue) plastic. Remove it to allow for a wider range of leg mobility in a bikini-only style.

[Modeling and Articulation]
Ripples in the texture of the bikini and pareo are a given, but Ritsuka herself is also exquisitely sculpted for a beautiful and charming look once completed. The ribbons on her hips can be moved so they don’t interfere with her leg movements.

[Sitting Pose and Fixed Leg Parts]
This pose was created with Ritsuka’s characteristic model-like appearance in mind. Display her in a sitting pose, hugging her right knee up to her chest.
Swapping in the fixed leg parts gives a beautiful finish like that of a fixed pose figure.

[Newly Sculpted Hand Parts]
The open with 3mm connection joint hand has a 3mm connection point on its palm to allow Ritsuka to hold the beach ball from AFTER SCHOOL Madoka’s WELL-DESERVED SUMMER VACATION SET, sold separately. The pinching hand is modeled for holding thin items between her fingers such as smartphones.

[Pre-Painted Parts]
The kit includes 4 newly sculpted expression parts. The beautiful eye decals designed by En Morikura are recreated with our outstanding tampography technology. What’s more, the bikini strings and sandal straps come pre-painted, allowing for a model faithful to the completed design just by assembling the model.

[Unpainted Face Parts and Decals]
As always with this series, face parts include both pre-painted and unpainted parts. These optional parts can be used to paint original faces or create original expressions with the included decals of Ritsuka’s eyes looking left or right.

Included Items:
1) Ritsuka Saeki Model x1 Set
2) 3 Hairstyles: Ponytail, Long Hair, Braids x1 Set Each
3) Bangs Parts x3 (with and without Flower Decoration)
4) Braided Hair Parts for Action Poses x1 Set
5) Face Parts (Pre-Painted): Winking (Right), Looking Prim, Embarrassed, Poking Tongue Out x1 Set Each
6) Face Parts (Unpainted): Winking (Right), Looking Prim, Embarrassed, Poking Tongue Out x1 Set Each
7) 9 Types of Hand Parts: Holding (Standard), Holding (Narrow), Holding (Wide), Holding (Round), Closed, Pointing, Open, Pinching, 3mm Connection x1 Each (Left and Right)
8) Pareo x1 Set
9) Body for Sitting Pose x1 Set
10) Fixed Leg Parts x1 Set (Left and Right)
11) Bare Feet Parts: Standard, Toes Curled, Toes Bent Up x1 Set Each (Left and Right)
12) Display Base x1 Set
13) 6mm Diameter Neck part for Megami Device x1
14) Decals x1 Sheet