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- Kotobukiya original contents [Frame Arms · Girl] and [Hatsune Miku] collaborate! - [Frame Music · Girl Hatsune Miku] will be commercialized! - It was three-dimensionalized based on design by Mr. Fumikane Shimada and Mr. Noriyuki Yanase! [Product Details] - The facial parts come with three types of distinctive [singing face], [usually leftward], [usually rightward]. - Since the facial parts are already painted, it will be finished closer to the setting even just by assembling it. - Microphone & microphone stand, speaker drones & exclusive clear base, base for Miku Hatsune included. - Hatsune Miku Ver.4 The sleeveless arm parts of the motif are also included. - Five kinds of PVC wrists are attached to the left and right, respectively. The wrist can be recombined with the wrist of the existing Frame Arms / Girl series including joints. - Decals such as eyes are attached. - The skirt is movable and the movable range of the leg is expanded. - It is possible to use parts of existing MSG series, frame arm series in combination with 3 mm diameter hole arranged in back, waist, calves etc