BANDAI - GUNDAM - 1/144 System Weapon 009

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- Impressive weapon bazooka to equip di-origin Zaku system MS appeared to system Weapon!

- Reproduce the various variations of bazooka that HG Di origin of Zaku system has. HG Char Zaku, is recommended in conjunction with HG high mobility type Zaku II!
- In MS for bazooka type C1 Parts recombinant, B1 type, it can be retrofit to B2 type.
- The bazooka D1 type for MS consists of three parts.
- Other weapon parts, is also included dedicated rack and hand parts.

- Accessories: bazooka type C1, D1 bazooka type, missile × 2, bazooka B1 · B2 customized parts, dedicated rack, hand parts × set